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HomesDenmark solid log system

Timberspecs offers single and double storey homes in any design. The client can provide their own approved plans or utilise our bespoke design service. We have 20 design configurations already available on request

Homes can be built in any of our wide range of solid log options:

  • 92mm laminated pine log (square)
  • 200mm square log laminated
  • 220mm solid pine log - square or round
  • 250mm solid round log

Timberspecs Wood House

All the above options have insulated roof and floor areas.

The round log options give a very traditional log-cabin look and still meet all current building          






Handcrafted Random logs

Random log systemThis is an example of a random log home built from handcrafted pine logs in the true "Canadian" tradition.

These wonderful eco-friendly homes can be built to any size and style in log sizes 160-360mm.

Here are a couple of examples of solid log homes from our choice of existing in-house plans.





Example 1: Two Bedroom House - 100 sq m

Two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, additional separate WC. Kitchen/dining area on first floor. Dining room, garage on ground floor.
1056 sq ft (100 sq m).

Residential houseResidential house plansResidential house drawings

Example 2: Two Bedroom House - 100 sq m

Two bedroom house with two bathrooms and a balcony to the master bedroom.
1050 sq ft (100 sq m).

Residential house plans Residential house Residential house drawings

 Cavity Wall Log system

The outer walls are constructed from prefabricated timber panels with a choice of external cladding half round (see image), weatherboarding, shiplap boarding or tongue and groove. The timber frame is constructed from 150mm timber studs set at 400mm centres, then clad from the above choice.

Cavity wall system



Doors and Windows

Our doors and windows are handmade at our factory and are fully double-glazed.

Doors and windows


Prices for Houses

Starting from £675 per sq m of floor area for a unit over 50 sq m.
This includes delivery and erection on the client's prepared foundations with utilities.
All buildings are built to meet all current regulations.



Wide choice of sizes, styes and finishes to suit every budget and environment you're sure to find the perfect building.


Live the dream. Work from home every day in your very own log garden office. Range of sizes and finishes available to suit.


Timberspecs UK supplies fully insulated bespoke mobile homes, that completely comply with the mobile home act and are eco friendly.