Leisure and Clubhouses

Within the leisure industry, Timberspecs have built a wide range of clubhouses and country parks. A new club house has a positive impact on the club, increasing morale of the club members and encouraging new members.
We have supplied all types of building from cricket pavilion to tennis clubs, clay pigeon clubs to village halls and classrooms.

We offer a full design service for your clubhouse or build from your own specification.

Clubhouses Video


Bisley Gun Club

club houseThis is Bisley Gun Club, a recent 'clubhouse' project. The interior is lined with 'tongue and groove' boarding with some areas overclad with plasterboard. It has insulated timber floor and metal profile roofing.

All options in our Technical section are available for any of these structures - in any size - nothing is too big or too small.

We will assist in designing the most suitable building to fit the local environment - from cityscape to rural location.




Prices for Clubhouses

Starting from £675 per sq m of floor area for a unit over 50 sq m.
This includes delivery and erection on the client's prepared foundations with utilities.
All buildings are built to meet all current regulations.

Interior of Dartford Gun Club






Wide choice of sizes, styes and finishes to suit every budget and environment you're sure to find the perfect building.

Log Homes


Wide choice of sizes, styes and finishes to suit every budget and environment. From small bungalows to larger family homes.


Timberspecs UK supplies fully insulated bespoke mobile homes, that completely comply with the mobile home act and are eco friendly.